YBIE (You Buy, I Edit) || Why?

Q:  Why do you do it this way?  Can't I just instantly download the background and add my own picture and text?

A: I am starting to introduce items this way, but I prefer to do all the editing.  I use special fonts that I have downloaded and installed, some even have licenses that I have purchased to use in commercial work.

I never just plug in the info and hit send.  I always adjust spacing, especially because I have seen names range in length from Ty Dior (6 characters) to Grace Lokomaikaiokalani Brandon (29 characters). 

It might be hard to see here, but my designs always have texture or shadows to help them look like authentic paper, and less flat.  By allowing me to edit, you get a high-quality look!

Some of my designs involve the graphics "laying" on top of the photo.  Most clients don't have the proper editing software to make this seamless.